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Our golden berries are single ingredient and all natural

Why Milne MicroDried Should Be Your Provider of Dried Golden Berries and Other Fruits

Fruits will always be a healthy dietary option. The dried golden berry is particularly nutritious. It comes packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Not only are they vital for a balanced diet, but they are also essential as ingredients to a diversity of products, especially powdered or dried golden berries. Over the years, Milne MicroDried has managed to earn the trust of most major food companies when it comes to supplying them with fragmented, powdered, and dried golden berries.

What Makes Milne MicroDried Your Trusted Business Partner?

Easy to Use

Dealing with fruits in their natural form can be tough. Other than fruits and berries being fragile and easy to spoil, it can be a challenge to transport them in the first place. Our system allows us to eliminate such concerns, making the incorporation of healthy and delicious fruits and dried golden berries into your product offering.

Well, the term ‘ease of use’ can be used differently by different suppliers, but they all mean the same; the idea that the fruit can go through the entire manufacturing process and get to the customer without losing the valued aspects that make it appealing. Ideally, the fruits you use should retain all or most of their texture, consistency, natural color, and flavors. Achieving this is at the core of what we do here at Milne MicroDried.


The best dried fruits should be easy to handle and durable. It should be easy to blend, mix, package, and transport the fruits without concern for expiration. It all depends on the precision of moisture level reduction within the berry while minimizing membrane/skin damage. We pride ourselves in achieving this delicate balance, which makes the durability of our products unmatched in the marketplace.

Ease of Transport

In their natural form, fruits and berries typically have high water content, which increases their weight and makes transportation expensive. Once you can reduce their water content, you can slash the transport cost by a huge fraction. When dried, the fruits lose 75-80% of their water content. This eliminates a huge chunk of their weight while maintaining the nutritional profile and flavor of the berries. When your sole interest is the flavor and nutritional profile of the berry, but you want to streamline your transport and handling process, a dried golden berry using our proprietary technology is the best path to follow.

Clean Labeling

All our products are free from preservatives, additives, fillers or artificial flavoring and coloring. We pride ourselves in only using single ingredients in each of our products with field-to-delivery traceability. As such, you can rely on us to provide clean labeled products that will enhance consumer appeal.

Improved Shelf Life

In the absence of preservatives, most food manufacturers fear that the fruit and berries they use in their production chain will spoil easily. Besides, it is pretty easy for fresh berries to lose their structural integrity, which makes them more perishable than most ingredients. Luckily, advancements in modern preservation technologies make it possible to improve the shelf life of fruits and berries without having them lose their nutritional value.

The sad part is that some of the methods used still require the use of additives and preservatives, which decreases the nutritional value of the fruits. While they promise the convenience of a long shelf-life, you might need you to compromise on quality. By working with us, you can enjoy using fruits with a two-year shelf life without worrying about any additives that will alter your product’s quality.

Trusted Quality

We value our customers, and any smile on their face is a win for us. Over the years, we have managed to build our reputation one satisfied customer at a time. Our customer base is diverse and keeps on growing ranging from small businesses to large food manufacturers and recognizable brands around the world.


Milne MicroDried provides an array of fruits and vegetables which you can use as ingredients. We also use a variety of processes and product formats, including dried fruits, IQF frozen foods, and vegetables available in powders, whole pieces, fragments, and many more shapes and sizes. You can rely on us to provide 30 different fruit and vegetable varieties including:

You can choose between either a chewy (high moisture) or crunchy (low moisture) product for each golden berry we offer. You also use a wide range of piece sizes to get the texture and consistency that your product needs.

The dried golden berries are very convenient and come in several forms.

Milne MicroDried has been used in a huge variety of products, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Cereals
  • Oatmeal
  • Protein Bars
  • Candies
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Truffles
  • Toppings
  • Cheeses
  • Granola Bars
  • Cookies
  • Ice Creams
  • Trail Mixes
  • Energy Bars
  • Bonbons
  • Jerkies
  • Scones
  • Pastries
  • Popcorn Mixes
  • Yogurt
  • Tea
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Drink Mixes

MicroDried Preserves the Nutritional Profile of the Dried Golden Berries

Most products we provide are “superfruits” and “superfoods” containing a variety of nutrients. We pride ourselves on maintaining the nutritional benefits of these products without using any coloring or preservatives. Each dried golden berry is naturally gluten-free, high-fiber, low-sodium, low-fat and allergen-free. We have obtained a Non-GMO certificate to certify all our fruits as GMO-free.

Along with being delicious, the dried golden berry is a nutritional powerhouse. By eating golden berries, you can enjoy the following health benefits:

  1. Rich in Antioxidant

Antioxidants tend to help protect your skin from free radicals which can damage skin through oxidative stress. Luckily, most berries have a high concentration of antioxidant, and a dried golden berry is particularly packed with antioxidants.

  1. Rich in Fiber

Berries tend to be great sources of fiber. Not only can fiber help improve your digestive system, but it can also prevent constipation. Fiber is also vital for weight loss as it limits caloric intake per meal while still leaving you feeling satiated.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

While inflammation occurs as a defense against injuries and infections, modern-day lifestyles can lead to dangerous levels. The fact that people are more stressed today and indulge in less physical activity might contribute to the excessive inflammation. However, the dire effects of chronic inflammation can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, as well as other diseases. Golden berries are believed to help you fight off inflammation in order to protect you from these conditions.

  1. Improving Skin Health and Beauty

The antioxidants in the berries may help reduce wrinkle formation on your skin and improve the speed at which your skin can recover from scars and inflammation. Lastly, each dried golden berry is packed with nutrients such as vitamin E and C, which help in keeping the skin radiant and healthy.

  1. Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Dried golden berries are suspected in lowering cholesterol levels. When eaten often, they can help protect those with high cholesterol levels which may reduce the possibility of heart disease, especially when combined with exercise.

How Our Berry Drying Process Compares with Other Processes


While being the oldest food preservation method, dehydration has been ideal for a variety of foods, including meats, fruits, vegetables, and milk. However, it does alter the flavor profile and texture of the fruit. In turn, most manufacturers use additives like syrups and sugars to compensate for the lost flavor profile and texture change.

Milne MicroDried’s way is different in that it preserves the natural mouth feel and flavor profile of the fruit, eliminating the need for additives. In addition to meeting customer expectations, our technology is in line with most industry certification standards, including USDA, Kosher, BRC, AIB, and Organic.

Infused Drying

Infused drying requires manufacturers to soak their fruits in fruit baths to preserve their flavor. Sadly, this process alters the shape and size of the fruits. In comparison, our process doesn’t include additives, preservatives, or artificial colors. It also preserves the shapes and sizes of the fruit. MicroDried’s process produces whole fruit pieces which not only have a much better visual appeal but also a high nutritional value.

Air Drying

In comparison to air drying, Milne MicroDried’s process ensures some uniformity in how the golden berries are dried while preserving their texture and quality. The process is ideal for drying fruits and berries in a variety of ways including in cubes, whole pieces, fine and coarse powders, wedges and slices, as well as fragments.

Our dried golden berries come in several formats including a powder.

MicroDried’s Drying Process

At Milne MicroDried, the proprietary technology we use to preserve our fruit produces wholesome, preservative-free, and additive-free. Other than the moisture content, everything else in the line of taste and color is retained. The technology also ensures that the unique texture and natural sweetness of the fruits are preserved to improve mouth appeal.

Milne’s drying process uses microwave heat in a vacuum to dry the golden berries. Not only does this help to eliminate the moisture from the fruits and vegetables, but it also preserves the structural integrity of these ingredients by preventing them from collapsing under air pressure. The end product is a whole fruit or vegetable piece that looks healthier, tastier, and even better.

Our technology is also versatile enough to allow you to customize the piece sizes, taste, texture, water activity, and shape of your fruit pieces to create an ingredient for your specific application.

Using other drying methods, fruit can lose useful nutrient, its flavor profile, and coloring. Likewise, using a superior method will both preserve the benefits the fruits offer and improve its shelf-life.

The Superior Dried Golden Berry Supplier

For years, MicroDried food preservation techniques have made it possible to create dried fruits, vegetables, and particularly “super fruits” like dried aronia berries and dried golden berries, that have a strong nutritional profile. This innovative drying technique minimizes the loss of essential nutrients during the drying process.

The finished product is typically a fruit or vegetable piece with improved durability, better texture, a longer shelf-life, improved portability, and an attractive nutritional profile. This benefit sets MicroDried’s process apart from other drying methods. In turn, you can enjoy a clean-label product without artificial sweetener or coloring agents. Simply add “dried golden berries” to the label. To try free samples of our products, or learn more about Milne MicroDried and our products, please call 208-461-5100.

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