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Milne MicroDried dried strawberries are a great option for easy to ship dried fruit.

If You Are Looking for Dried Strawberries and Other Fruits, Milne MicroDried is the Ideal Supplier

Fruit is jam-packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, especially in the form of powdered or dried strawberries. In addition to being a key component to any diet, dried strawberries are a wonderful supplement to a wide range of products. To fulfill their need for dried strawberries, fragmented and powdered fruit, many companies are using Milne MicroDried products.

Benefits of Milne MicroDried

With so many companies offering dried strawberries and powdered fruit products, Milne offers the following differentiated advantages over the competition:

Clean Labeling

No Milne MicroDried product contains additives, artificial coloring or flavoring, fillers or preservatives. We simply offer one ingredient – 100% fruit -  traceable down to the source field. This means your products can be cleanly labeled using only one ingredient – dried strawberry.

Improving Ease of Use

Through their very nature, berries spoil quickly and are, therefore, difficult to transport. Through our proprietary drying processes, you can incorporate the healthy and delicious dried strawberry into an enormous assortment of products. We help you improve the ease of use by creating ingredients that go through the entire supply chain, from processing to delivery, while maintaining the most appealing parts of the produce – while preserving most of the flavor and nutritional value. Each dried strawberry is rich in color, maintains the desired consistency and texture and preserves their flavor. This is the result that Milne MicroDried provides to you.


All our products, including our dried strawberries, offer a high level of durability and ease of handling. We use a specific process that reduces moisture levels within the berry without damaging the skin to maintain the structural integrity of the ingredient. This allows for the final product to be easier to blend, package and transport. Our process has been refined over the years resulting in robust products that are easy to use in any application.

Our dried strawberries are also available in fragment form.

Ease of Transport

Fruits contain a high level of water, and strawberries are particularly dense, making them both heavy and expensive to transport. Our perfected drying process reduces the water content in berries by 70-80 percent which removes a considerable amount of weight while maintaining the flavor and health benefits. The reduction in weight considerably decreases shipping costs per pound. Therefore, if you are looking for less expensive and easier shipping while maintaining the flavor and nutritional content of the fruit, dried strawberries are the ideal option.

Improved Shelf-Life

Many food manufacturers are concerned that fruits, particularly strawberries, will spoil without using preservatives. Fresh produce quickly loses its structural integrity and flavor and often spoils rapidly when mixed with other ingredients. With modern preservation techniques, the shelf-life of produce has been significantly extended while maintaining their nutritional value. Unfortunately, many of these processes require the use of sugar and other types of preservatives that lower the fruit’s nutritional benefits. Even if these technologies extend the shelf-life of the product, it continues to be a major compromise. With our advanced drying process, we yield a two-year shelf-life without the use of preservatives or additives.

Trusted Quality

Milne MicroDried provides timely shipping of high-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients to various companies within the food industry. We have built our reputation one satisfied customer at a time from the small business owner to some of the world’s most iconic brands, we service all businesses.


Milne MicroDried delivers a variety of products that can be used as ingredients, as well as IQF frozen berries.  Our dried strawberries, and a host of other fruits and vegetables, are available in fragment, powder, and whole piece format. We feature 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables including:

Each dried strawberry is available in a low moisturize (crunchy) or high moisture (chewy) option and in various piece sizes to ensure suitability for different applications.

Milne MicroDried has been used in a huge variety of products, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Cheeses
  • Bonbons
  • Scones
  • Pastries
  • Truffles
  • Toppings
  • Cereals
  • Yogurt
  • Oatmeal
  • Ice Creams
  • Trail Mixes
  • Energy Bars
  • Protein Bars
  • Candies
  • Granola Bars
  • Cookies
  • Tea
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Drink Mixes
  • Jerkies
  • Popcorn Mixes

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Nutritional Value Preservation

Many of our dried products are considered  “superfoods.” Using our proprietary manufacturing processes, we preserve the nutritional benefits of these products without the addition of coloring or preservatives. Each dried strawberry is gluten-free, high-fiber, low fat, allergen-free and low-sodium. We also use GMO-free fruits and are even non-GMO certified.

Nutritional Health Benefits of a Dried Strawberries

Strawberries are some of the healthiest foods you can consume, providing a variety of amazing health benefits including:


Strawberries contain a high level of antioxidants which maintains free radicals that some research suggest can lead to cancer. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can be beneficial in small amounts but damage your cells when they rise to high levels. One study showed that blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries have some of the highest level of antioxidants of all the most commonly consumed fruits.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/11-reasons-to-eat-berries#section1

Fight Inflammation

The natural nutrients in strawberries are believed to contain a high level of anti-inflammatory properties which is your body’s defense against injury or infection. Modern lifestyles often lead to long-term inflammation because of inadequate physical activity, stress, and an unhealthy diet. Chronic inflammation leads to heart disease, and obesity.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/11-reasons-to-eat-berries#section1

Heart Health

Those with a high risk of heart disease will find that a diet high in berries can possibly reduce the probability of a heart attack, in a study published by PLoS Medicine. Those researchers concluded that a diet rich in strawberries and other fruits modify the genetic risk of heart disease which is carried in the 9p21 gene.

Source - https://www.everydayhealth.com/diet-nutrition-pictures/amazing-health-benefits-of-berries.aspx#berries-could-boost-heart-health

High Fiber

Strawberries are an incredible source of fiber, especially soluble fiber. Studies suggest that consuming soluble fiber slows the movement of food as it navigates your digestive tract thus reducing hunger and increasing fullness. This is believed to result in a reduction in caloric intake and help with weight management.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/11-reasons-to-eat-berries#section1

Lower Cholesterol

Berries are a heart-healthy food, and strawberries, in some studies, have been proven to help lower cholesterol levels in the obese or those with metabolic syndrome. During an 8-weeks study, those with metabolic syndrome who consumed a beverage made of dried strawberries experience an 11% decrease in their LDL cholesterol.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/11-reasons-to-eat-berries#section1

Mental Sharpness

In a study published in the Annals of Neurology, researchers found that woman who consume two-servings of strawberries or one serving of blueberries each week experienced a decrease in mental decline over a time period than those without. Patients with the highest berry intake delayed cognitive decline by around two-and-a-half years.

Source: https://www.everydayhealth.com/diet-nutrition-pictures/amazing-health-benefits-of-berries.aspx#berries-keep-you-mentally-sharp

Other Drying Process

There are several other drying processes, though they do not offer the same benefits as micro-drying. These include:

Air Drying

Air drying is significantly less uniform that Milne’s MicroDried process, which delivers the ideal texture and consistency. Our process is much more suitable for drying produce being consumed as dried fruit, or to be ground into fine or coarse powders as an ingredient. This is a much more attractive drying option that can be used across a variety of applications.

Infused Drying

Infused drying techniques soaks fruit within a fruity liquid bath which adds artificial colors, preservatives or sugars. The MicroDried technique dries the berry without altering the size or shape. Whole pieces then maintain their aesthetic appeal and nutritional value than infused drying.


Dehydration through the sun is one of the oldest preservation methods in the world. This process works well for berries, meats, vegetables, and even liquids. However, it alters the flavor and texture of the food resulting in a loss of taste appeal. Many companies attempt to remedy this loss using syrups and sugars. Milne MicroDried’s process allows for the customization of the final size, shape, texter and amount of water in each dried strawberry. Our technology meets all consumer expectations and industry certifications including, USDA, Kosher, Organic, BRC and AIB.


In comparison to the other three processes, our proprietary technology used to create each dried strawberry piece delivers additive-free, preservative-free, wholesome food products. Our process preserves most of the characteristics of the produce, aside from the moisture level. All other aspects of the product, ranging from taste to consistency, are best retained using our drying method compared to the others. The MicroDried process creates 100% pure ingredients without the use of coloring agents, preservatives and artificial sweeteners resulting in dried fruits with natural sweetness and color, thus improving the appeal.

Most other dried products lose key characteristics such as color, texture, and taste during their drying process. Our innovative drying process dries the products within a vacuum using microwave heat and as the product loses moisture during the process, the vacuum maintains the fruit’s shape. The result is natural looking produce that maintains most of its nutritional value. Our technique is incredibly versatile so each piece size, texture, water level, and shape can be customized for a variety of applications without altering the most important elements of the product. We can provide both crunchy (low moisture level) and chewy (high moisture level) dried produce. Poor drying processes result in the loss of nutritional value, decaying of natural flavor and coloring. The superior Milne method of drying preserves the best the fruit or vegetable has to offer.

The Superior Dried Strawberry Supplier

Our proprietary food preservation process has created healthier and more nutrient-packed dried strawberries, other fruits, and vegetables for many years. Using innovative drying techniques, we minimize the nutritional loss through the drying process while retaining most nutrients. The result is improved appeal, durability, portability, texture, ease of use and shipping, overall nutritional content and longer shelf life without the need for coloring agents, artificial sweeteners or additives.  This allows you to have a clean label on all your food products, that simply read dried strawberry!

To learn more about Milne MicroDried products, or to receive a free sample of dried strawberries or our other products, please call 208-461-5100 today! 

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