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Our dried aronia berries are very versatile and easy to transport.

Why Milne MicroDried is the Ideal Supplier of Dried Aronia Berries and Other Fruits

In the search for the ideal method of preservation for fruits and berries, there’s been a lot of trial and error. Attempts to increase the shelf-life of fruit through the use of preservatives like sugar only served to make them unhealthy. The challenge was to find a way to preserve the delicate structural integrity of fresh fruits and berries while maximizing their shelf-life. Fruits are comprised of 75 to 80 percent water. They can go bad quite quickly and shipping them over long distances can be a logistical nightmare. But what happens when the water is eliminated?

Well, for starters, you get a lot more out of fresh fruits and berries than you would with other preservation methods. Berries, preferably dried or powdered, contain almost as much nutrition (vitamins and minerals), antioxidants, and fiber, as fresh fruit.

The aronia berry, which is considered in some circles to be the healthiest fruit on the planet [1], has a much higher fiber content when powdered than when juiced. Furthermore, these berries contain more antioxidants in their fruit matter than in their juice according to a 2005 report in the European Food Research and Technology journal, which suggested that consuming fresh or dried aronia berries was the best way to reap all of its antioxidant benefits [2].

Each dried aronia berry has rich natural flavors and textures, and the nutrition of the whole fruit. That’s what you get with the Milne MicroDried way. Our proprietary processes not only maximize the nutritional output of every fruit and berry, but they also eliminate the logistical issues that arise during the shipping, packaging, and re-processing of our products. This makes it easier for food companies to retain the most nutritious part of the fruit.

The Milne MicroDried method focuses on getting the most out of superfoods and superfruit while preserving their health benefits and nutritional value. No preservatives, artificial colors, or additives of any kind are added during the process. The result is that each berry and fruit is high in fiber, low in fat and sodium, free of allergens, and gluten-free as well. What’s more, Milne MicroDried only uses certified GMO-free fruits as can be verified through our non-GMO certificate.

What Makes the Milne MicroDried Way So Special?

Fruit and berry-drying processes like sun-drying, air drying, and infused drying may have their perks, but they’re also not without their limitations. That’s not the case with MicroDried’s drying process, which is wholesome, free of additives and of preservatives. Here is how it compares to the other drying processes.

The Milne MicroDried Drying Method

Here at Milne MicroDried, we use proprietary technology to dry fruits and berries in order to achieve the most wholesome dried products in the market. Unlike some of the other drying methods, MicroDried’s drying process retains much of the fruit’s characteristics while eliminating most of its moisture content. This is done by first placing fresh berries and fruits in a vacuum then drying them using microwave heat. Because the drying process is done in a vacuum, the fruit doesn’t collapse in on itself despite losing most of its moisture. This is why each dried aronia berry is not only more visually appealing and packed with more nutrition than other drying methods.

MicroDried’s drying process is extremely flexible. We have the power to customize everything from piece size and shape, to water activity and even texture, making different types of fruits and berries suitable for several applications without the need for further processing.

Compared to other drying methods, which often result in the fruit’s loss of mouth appeal, flavor, and natural coloring, MicroDried’s proprietary drying process is far superior.

Aronia berries are healthy and easy to transport in both fragments and other formats

Infused Drying

Infused drying techniques involve the soaking of fruits and berries in fruity baths before the drying process. We’ve already talked about how additives like sugar, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives lower the nutritional value of the fruit. Compared to MicroDried’s drying process, which uses no preservatives or additives whatsoever, infused drying doesn’t usually result in healthier or even better-tasting fruit.

Dehydration (Sun-Drying)

Sun-drying is one of the oldest methods of food preservation known to man. Unlike infused drying, this method doesn’t rely on additives either, so it is a marginally healthier way to make dried berries and fruits. Unfortunately, sun-drying dramatically changes the fruit’s texture and mouth appeal, plus it is known to alter the taste as well. Even worse is the fact that some try to remedy the loss of taste and flavor using sugar and artificial flavors.

This method is evidently inferior to MicroDried’s proprietary drying processes, which make it possible to change most of a berry’s aspects including its final texture, its shape and size, and its water activity. Because much of the original taste is preserved during the drying process, each dried aronia berry retains most of its natural bold flavors.

Air Drying

Even though it is not the worst drying method, air drying lacks the uniformity of MicroDried’s method of drying berries and fruit. The versatility of MicroDried’s processes allows us to fine-tune the attributes of berries and fruits, whether dried, wedged, sliced, cubed, powdered, or fragmented.

Why Milne MicroDried Supplies the Most Nutritious Dried Aronia Berries

At Milne MicroDried, our specialty is turning superfruits and superfoods like blueberries, cauliflower, cranberries, peas, aronia berries, golden berries, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, and sweet potatoes into highly nutritious dried food ingredients. Because we have the ability to customize so many of the aspects of the final dried product, we offer our dried aronia berries in several different piece sizes as well as in two main textures: crunchy (which means low in moisture) and chewy (high in moisture).

We understand just how fragile our products are, and strive to preserve all their natural health benefits as best we can without resorting to the use of preservatives and artificial colors. Each berry is rich in nutrients, taste, and natural flavors, packed with fiber and low in sodium and fat.

The health benefits of our dried berries cannot be overstated either. Dried aronia berries, for instance, have well-documented high-levels of antioxidants. Research done at the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Maryland compared the anthocyanin-rich extracts of the dried aronia berry (also known as the chokeberry), with wild blueberries, and grapes for their preventive effect against colon cancer. The study showed that aronia berries had the highest inhibiting activity [2].

Berries like blackberries are known for their powerful antioxidant effect, while aronia berries are believed to have positive impacts on cure the common cold. 

The drying process may help preserves the potential health benefits of certain varieties such as:

  • Blackberries believed to improve brain function, including short term memory, and generally promote mental health. They also contain powerful anti-inflammatory agents [4].
  • Cranberries outrank almost every other fruit on the planet in terms of pure antioxidant content [5].
  • Raspberries are thought to be great for weight loss, improving gut health, contribute to wrinkle eradication and possibly help prevent the onset of macular degeneration [6].
  • Golden berries contain linoleic acid which might lower the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. Ensuring a healthy cholesterol balance promotes good cardiovascular health [7].
  • Dried Aronia berries help to regulate blood pressure and indigestion thanks to their high fiber content [3].

Why Choose the Milne MicroDried Way?

  1. The easiest to handle dried aronia berry

By perfecting our drying process, we consistently produce a perfectly dried aronia berry that is ready for packaging and transportation. Not only are our dried products more durable (i.e., capable of surviving long-distance shipping), but they are also easy to blend and mix into other products. We aim to reduce the hassle of transporting and utilizing fresh fruit simply by reducing its moisture content without breaking the skin/membrane, which allows its structure to stay intact.

  1. Our products have a shelf-life of two-and-a-half years

Food manufacturers constantly have to worry about their fresh produce going bad. The nature of fresh berries doesn’t make them very capable of staying fresh for long. By removing only the moisture content of berries without stripping or altering their nutritional value, we have managed to extend the shelf-life of fruits and berries considerably.

Food manufacturers no longer have to compromise on nutritional value just to get a longer shelf-life. Milne MicroDried makes sure of it by producing highly nutritious dried products with a much longer shelf-life.

  1. Our dried products are cheaper to transport

Eliminating most of the water content in berries and fruits brings about an unprecedented advantage when it comes to shipping costs. Because the MicroDried process takes away up to 80 percent of the water content in berries, it also dramatically reduces their weight. The cost of shipping is reduced drastically as a result, allowing you to pay less to transport our products to where you are.

It is important to remember that while our process takes away most of the water in fruits and berries, it does not affect the dense solids that remain. This way, you get maximum nutritional value with minimum shipping costs and the most wholesome dried aronia berry on the market.

  1. We only use clear, straightforward labels; no mystery ingredients whatsoever!

Every single dried berry that comes from Milne MicroDried is pure, wholesome, and devoid of artificial additives like sugar, colors, flavors, fillers, and preservatives. We pride ourselves in producing high-quality dried products so you can always be sure that you’re getting only one ingredient when you purchase from us.

  1. We offer a proprietary drying process and provide a wide range of dried fruits and vegetables

With over 30 different fruits and vegetables to choose from, Milne MicroDried offers the widest range of expertly dried, wholly nutritious foodstuff. Our drying processes begins with IQF frozen produce, which allows us to provide dried berries and vegetables in fragmented and powdered form, as well as in whole pieces.

Our dried aronia berries, and a host of other fruits and vegetables, are available in fragment, powder, and whole piece format including:

  1. We are good at what we do

Our reputation for high-quality dried berries is only exceeded by our reputation for timely shipping. It is one that has been built around customer satisfaction and a desire for quality. We cater to small startups all the way to large food manufacturers with the same level of dedication and transparency.

Our aronia berries are healthy, single ingredient and versatile.

Final Word – The Milne MicroDried Way Creates the Ideal Aronia Berry

What’s not to love about our dried berries and fruits? Maximum mouth appeal, bold natural flavors, customizable piece shape and size, nutrition-rich final products – Milne MicroDried allows you to have it all. Years of perfecting our drying processes has set us apart, which is why we pride ourselves in being the leading provider of perfectly dried aronia berries, fruits, and vegetables.

Enjoy lower shipping costs, clean labeling, and field-to-delivery traceability as well as the best tasting dried aronia berry in the world with Milne MicroDried, with no chemical additives or preservatives whatsoever.

For samples of our wonderfully nutritious dried aronia berries and other products, Milne Microdried is just a call away. Reach us on 208-461-5100 for any inquiries on our products.


View our forms of Aronia berries here. 



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