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The Best Dried Peas and Dried Split Peas Come from Milne MicroDried

For highly nutritious meals rich in protein and starch but low in fat, include dry peas in your recipes. Milne MicroDried dried pea products are an excellent source of potassium, thiamin, iron, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein.

The discovery of dried peas in Egyptian historical sites suggests that they have been part of the human diet for ages. They are an essential ingredient in Europe for preparing Pease pudding, a spicy delicacy dating back to the medieval period.

Peas, lentils, and beans are legumes of the same family, but they differ in form and preparation methods. Dried peas, which are spherical, are a product of harvesting mature peapods and drying them. On removing their skins, they usually split; hence the term split peas.

Benefits of Dried Pea Products

What makes dried peas different from other food options? Why not take other legumes instead? Here is why some believe you should add peas to your dietary regimen.

  • Elimination of cholesterol
  • Blood-sugar regulation
  • Reduced risk to breast cancer
  • Sulfite-allergy prevention
  • Smoother bowel movement
  • Prevention of gut diseases
  • A healthier heart
  • Improved muscle development


Soluble and Insoluble Fiber

Compared to most legumes, dried peas are superior in nutritional value. They contain a soluble fiber known to lower the amount of cholesterol in the body. It creates a gel-like substance in the gut which blends with cholesterol, enabling the body to take it out.
Dried pea products also contain insoluble fiber. The material increases the stool bulk and helps to prevent constipation. It also averts disorders of the digestive tract such as diverticulosis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Vitamins and Minerals

Peas have a wealth of five essential minerals, protein, and three B-vitamins. They also provide isoflavones, a variety of phytonutrients that function like weakened estrogen. Scientists have found isoflavones to reduce the risk of some health conditions like prostate and breast cancer.

Blood Sugar Regulation

The dietary fiber in split peas is a relief for patients with blood sugar disorders. It prevents sugar levels from skyrocketing soon after a meal.
The US National Library of Medicine advises people with Type 2 diabetes to increase their consumption of low-glycemic high-fiber foods like dried peas. The high content of protein and fiber in peas slows digestion, allowing the body to take in sugar gradually.

Pea Protein

Scientists have been researching the reliability of peas as a source of protein. Pea protein is an incomplete protein since it lacks some of the essential amino acids. However, it's an excellent food for people who don't consume animal products since it is 100 percent plant based.
It poses low allergy risks compared to animal protein and also prevents some allergic reactions. Peas have negligible saturated fat and cholesterol.
The sulfites used as preservatives for prepared foods like salads are allergens for some people. Allergic individuals may experience headache, disorientation, and heartbeat if sulfites reach a certain level in the body.
Dried pea products have an abundance of molybdenum, an active ingredient of sulfite oxidase. This enzyme is responsible for neutralizing sulfites. An average serving of peas exceeds your daily requirement for molybdenum.
Pea protein consists of branched-chain amino acids, which play a vital role in muscle growth and development. Many fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders recommend a diet with peas for bulking up.

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Split peas are believed to be good for the heart and the rest of the circulation system. Potassium, one of its constituent minerals, reduces the possibility of blood vessel disorders and rectifies high blood pressure. The fiber and nutritional content in dried peas is believed to strengthen the heart.

Milne MicroDried Dried Peas: Why They Are the Best

Milne MicroDried has earned a reputation among food companies for supplying quality dried pea products. We prepare our split peas in a controlled environment to preserve most of their nutritional value and flavors for healthy, delicious ingredients. The market trusts our dried pea products for the following reasons:

  1. Quality Preservation
    Handling green peas for an extended period can be challenging. Apart from perishability, they can accumulate aflatoxins due to moisture posing a health hazard. They may also get discolored and lose taste and nutrients.
    At Milne MicroDried, we process our peas at optimal conditions to minimize the deterioration of quality. We present our products in natural flavors, color, and texture without any additives or coloring.
  2. Proper Labeling
    Have you ever bought a can that didn't indicate its contents other than the main food item? Consumers like it when you let them know everything they are buying to eat. Our peas come with zero preservatives, fillers, and artificial coloring or flavors. Each package comes with one ingredient – dried peas, and we guarantee field to delivery traceability. We provide labeled packaging to confirm what you get at a glance.
  3. Prolonged Shelf Life
    You might be wondering how our products can be long-lasting, yet we don't use additives. Using ingenious drying technologies, we dry our peas to precise moisture levels while keeping the highest hygiene standards. Combine this with proper packaging and get a pack of peas fit for consumption over several years.
  4. Smooth Shipping
    Foods items with high water content such as fresh peas can have excessive weight making it expensive to transport them. We understand your concerns about the cost of transportation, especially when buying in bulk. By removing the pods and skin, as well as drying the peas, considerable mass from the load is shed, making shipping cost-effective.
  5. Dedication to Excellence
    Milne MicroDried is keen on delivering products and services that surpass the industry standards. We offer what we promise as we gauge our success by the satisfaction of our customers. Our dedication to top-quality products has earned us a diverse client base ranging from small businesses to leading food manufacturers.
  6. Variety
    Milne MicroDried delivers a variety of products that can be used as ingredients, as well as IQF frozen berries.  Our dried peas, and a host of other fruits and vegetables, are available in fragment, powder, and whole piece format. We feature 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables including:

Milne MicroDried’s Pea Drying Process

At Milne MicroDried, we understand how preservatives can pose health risks and ruin the taste and color of food. So, we have invested in the cutting-edge drying technology to preserve your peas without any additives. We don’t interfere with the peas in ways other than reducing the moisture content. When consuming Milne MicroDried dried peas, you are ingesting the right quantity of pea protein, fiber, carbohydrate, and minerals.  Our drying process involves heating the peas with microwave energy in a vacuum to eliminate unwanted moisture. Without air, there is no atmospheric pressure to collapse the peas. Therefore, we manage to preserve the natural shape of our dried split peas. We believe our drying system is superior to ordinary drying methods. We take pride in our ability to retain most of the health benefits of our peas alongside flavor and visual appeal.

Best Dried Pea Product Supplier

Peas offer many benefits to our bodies. They are believed to help to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar, prevent allergies, strengthen our heart and muscles and more. You may not be able to access fresh peas all year round. Sometimes you want a starchy meal that provides a ton of other nutrients and minerals. Such situations require a delicacy of Milne MicroDried dried peas. Our state-of-the-art drying technique minimize the erosion of the nutritional profile, taste, and appearance of peas. The end product is quality food free of sweeteners and preservatives.

Would you like to try our dried pea products? Click here to complete our sample request form, and we will get back to you soon. 

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