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Choose Milne MicroDried For the Best Sweet Potato Powder and Dried Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes justly match the description “tasty and healthy.” Besides being very delicious, these tasty veggies pack a powerful dietary punch. Just one medium potato is enough to supply you with more than 100% of your everyday vitamin A requirement. If you’d like to get all the goodness that sweet potato has to offer without any peeling, cutting or smashing, then you should try our dried sweet potatoes or sweet potato powder.

Milne MicroDried offers a new ingredient featuring one of the oldest and most nutritious known vegetable – sweet potato. Over the years, we’ve been the one-stop-shop for dried fruits and vegetables. Our esteemed customers, who range from small entrepreneurs to major food companies, trust us when it comes to supplying them with sweet potato powder and dried sweet potatoes that contain much the same nutritional integrity of a sweet potato freshly harvested.

Advantages of Dried Sweet Potatoes


A major advantage to using sweet potato powder is convenience. The powder allows you to get all the goodness of the natural spud, but in an easy, hassle-free format – no peeling, cooking or mashing required. Our powdered forms of sweet potato are an ideal choice for anyone who is time conscious or can’t stand peeling their spuds. A 50g serving is in fact the equivalent of eating 250g of whole sweet potatoes, just without all the tedious preparation and cooking that goes with it.


Another aspect that adds to the convenience factor is that dried sweet potato or powder are easily portable. Our product is convenient to pack for anyone “on-the-go” basically because it does not need to be refrigerated. This makes our dried sweet potatoes a great choice of a midday snack at work or for children’s lunches at school.


The powdered form of sweet potatoes is simply the organic sweet potatoes that have had water removed and have been ground to a fine heat-stable powder. The recipe possibilities with our sweet potato options are endless because the powder can be used as an ingredient in a wide range of dishes and snacks.
One of the ways in which our sweet potato powder wins in the kitchen is by reconstituting it into a puree and using it as a thickener for soups, gravies, stews, casseroles and sauces. If you are a baking enthusiast, you can use our powder to bake breads, biscuits, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, and etcetera. In addition, you can use it in smoothies and shakes or as an alternative to hot cereals like oatmeal.

Durabilitysweet potato fragments MD circle

Whether cooked or uncooked, sweet potatoes can actually go bad or spoil in a matter of a few weeks. Drying has always been one of the oldest methods of food preservation. This is because it removes moisture from fruits and vegetables to prevent spoilage and decay. At Milne MicroDried, we make use of a proprietary, patented drying technology to dehydrate fruits and vegetables. When you buy our products, you don’t have to worry that your sweet potatoes pieces and powders will go bad.

Shelf Life

You already know that dried sweet potatoes will keep far longer than fresh produce; but for how much longer? Our dried fruits and vegetables have a minimum 2-year shelf-life when properly stored. While other suppliers will add sugars, colors and preservatives on their products, ours is single ingredient with just pure organic or conventional sweet potatoes.

Nutritional Value

Sweet potato has long been considered one of the most popular components of a healthy, well-balanced meal. Our dried sweet potatoes as well as our sweet potato powder come with all the nutritional value of this highly beneficial vegetable. Here’s the nutritional profile of sweet potato:

  • Vitamins
    Sweet potatoes are well-known for their Vitamin A content. They are rich in vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), vitamin C, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6. Their orange color is a clear indication that sweet potatoes are high in carotenoids, riboflavin, thiamin, and niacin.
  • Minerals
    Not only do sweet potatoes taste really good, but they also offer you a whole host of minerals that are good for your body. They are rich in essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium. Compared with comparable vegetables like yams, sweet potatoes are more nutritious as they have higher concentrations of most nutrients.
  • Low glycemic index
    Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have long considered sweet potatoes a staple carb source. What makes sweet potato a better alternative to other carbohydrates is the fact that it is a medium glycemic index food. This means that it delivers a slower release of carbs, keeping you fueled up the entire day without blood sugar spikes.

Owing to its exceptional nutritional profile, our dried sweet potatoes are exactly what you need to add to your diet.

Ease of transportation

Due to their high water content, fresh sweet potatoes are quite heavy and problematic to transport, especially when you are buying in bulk. If one medium-size sweet potato weighs about 400-500g, you can image how much a bag of those weighs. An increase in weight means a high cost of transportation. Once they are dried, sweet potatoes lose about 80 percent of their water content, making them easy and cheap to transport. If you are more focused on the nutritional profile of the sweet potatoes, you should consider our dried sweet potatoes varieties. This will not only allow you to get most of the goodness of fresh sweet potatoes, but it will also make the transportation process hassle-free and cheap.

Waste reduction

According to a Guardian report, approximately 50% of all produce in the U.S. is thrown away annually. That is about 60 million tons (or $160B) worth of produce wasted. You can minimize food wastage by opting to buy dried fruits and vegetables. When you buy our dried sweet potatoes and powder, you will have a steady supply of food that doesn’t have to be wasted.

Why Milne MicroDried is Your Best Supplier of Sweet Potato Powder

  •  Revolutionary dehydration process
    Unlike other suppliers that use conventional drying methods, we use a patented drying technology. Our revolutionary dehydration process involves the use of low impact vacuum radiant energy. This dehydration process never fails to produce great results. After undergoing the drying process, the end products are essentially dried sweet potato pieces and powders with better texture, improved durability, longer shelf-life and an attractive nutritional profile.
  •  Zero additives
    Many manufacturers use certain types of dehydration methods that tend to alter the texture and flavor of sweet potatoes. In a bid to compensate for the lost flavor, they add artificial sugars and syrups to their dried sweet potatoes and powder.


The long product list includes dried vegetables, fruits, and IQF frozen berries, which are available in different forms such as whole pieces, fragments, and powders, among others. Milne MicroDried provides more than 30 varieties of vegetables and fruits. Here are some of them:

One of the reasons why more and more food companies prefer our dried fruits and vegetables is because we don’t add any artificial sweeteners or preservatives to our products. This is all thanks to our drying technology that not only preserves most of the natural minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in the sweet potatoes, but also helps retain their natural color, texture, and flavor. This makes our products a very attractive choice. Our exclusive, patented drying technology is perhaps the most important thing that sets us apart from the competition. The technology for all of our dried fruits and vegetables, including our sweet potato powder, conforms to important industry certification standards, like USDA Organic, AIB, BRC and Kosher. 

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