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sugars, colors or preservatives.

Blending & Customization

Blending services are provided to combine two or more fruit and vegetable varieties into trendy new tastes and colors or compounded with sweetening or flowability agents as part of the customization process.  

Milne MicroDried’s R&D team is available to work with customers to test new varieties, create new blends and develop innovative new products for your next consumer product.

Innovative Solutions

Milne MicroDried offers innovative ingredient solutions in over 40 different varieties of 100% pure fruit and vegetable products and select organics. Available in powders, fragments and whole pieces as well as slices, wedges and cubes, these ingredients can be customized by select product characteristics including:

  • Moisture content ranges from 4% to 15%
  • Texture: Crunchy or chewy (whole and fragments only)
  • Size: Fine to coarse grind powders, fragments sized to specifications, slices, wedges, cubes and whole pieces

Research & Development

Milne MicroDried’s R&D team is happy to work with food manufacturers in testing our proprietary process on new fruit or vegetable varieties – even leafy varieties such as kale and spinach. They also develop ingredients to meet specific moisture, water activity, textures and size for different new product applications.

With over 50 products in commercial production, MicroDried’s R&D team has extensive experience in new product development of baked goods, cereals, snacks, confectionaries, dairy products, teas, beers and other beverages – including pet foods and nutraceuticals.

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