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Milne Microdried Product Brochure July 2020
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MicroDried Fruit & Vegetables

Milne MicroDried® ingredients are 100% all-natural, high quality dried fruit and vegetables that are rich in nutritional values and health benefits – retaining higher levels of polyphenols than other commercial drying processes. MicroDried® products bring real fruit color, flavor and enhanced nutritional values to consumer products.

These fruit and vegetable ingredients come in whole pieces and fragments in chewy and crunchy textures, and coarse or fine grind powders for different applications.

+ MicroDried® Whole (includes sliced, diced, florets, tidbits, cube, halves)

Milne MicroDried® currently offers the following fruits and vegetables as whole pieces including sliced, diced, halves, florets, cube and tidbits. Select products or varieties are available in both high and low moisture level offering different textures, chewy and crunchy.

+ MicroDried® Fragments

Milne MicroDried® fragments are available in both chewy and crunchy textures and can be sized to specifications such as piece size, variable moisture levels and water activity.

+ MicroDried® powders

Milne MicroDried® offers the following 100% all-natural powders in both fine and coarse grind. Coarse grind powders are of adequate size that the fruit and vegetable pieces can be visually seen by consumers in most applications for more consumer appeal.

+ MicroDried® Process

Milne MicroDried® revolutionary dehydration process produces revolutionary results. It begins with all-natural fruit and vegetables and uses a proprietary, patented drying technology that uses low impact vacuum radiant energy for dehydration. This preserves most of the natural vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the fruit and vegetables while retaining more of the size, superior flavor, texture and color over air, spray, freeze and infused dried products.  

In addition, the dehydration process gently heats each piece to significantly reduce the microbial levels in select fruit and vegetable varieties making them ideal for sensitive, short shelf life products.

+ MicroDried® Product Characteristics

Milne MicroDried® offers 100% fruit and vegetable powders, fragments and whole pieces with no added sugars, colors or preservatives in over 40 conventional and select organic varieties as simply healthier ingredients. With tantalizing flavor and rich, natural colors, these products boast clean, single ingredient labels and are filled with wholesome fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a wide variety of pet foods, nutraceuticals, confectionaries, baked goods, cereals, snacks, dairy, teas, beers and other beverages and more.

MicroDried® fruit and vegetable ingredients offer notable product attributes include:

  • 100% all-natural ingredients with no artificial color or preservatives
  • Over 40 conventional and select organic varieties
  • Bold, natural colors and flavor with high polyphenolic values
  • Rich in fiber and no added sugars
  • Low fat and low in sodium
  • Non-GMO, gluten and allergen free
  • Minimum two-year shelf life when properly stored
  • WSDA, AIB, BRC and Kosher certified

+ MicroDried® Applications

Milne MicroDried’s 100% pure fruit and vegetable ingredients offer endless new product applications for today’s discerning consumer. In fact, many of the world’s best known brands and largest food manufacturers use Milne MicroDried® ingredients in over 50 healthy consumer and pet products on the market today including:

  • Breakfast/health: cereals, oatmeal, trail mixes and a wide variety of health bars
  • Beverage: teas, beers, drink mixes
  • Dairy: cheese, yogurt, yogurt toppings, gelato, ice cream
  • Confectionary: candy bars, truffles, bonbons, chocolate covered blueberries  
  • Baked goods: biscotti, cookies, scones 
  • Specialty Items: jerky and specialty popcorn
  • Rebag: trail mix and consumer pack
  • Nutraceuticals: tablets, capsules, protein drink mix and functional foods

In many of these consumer products, the MicroDried ingredients are customized to meet specifications such as piece size, variable moisture levels and water activity.

+ Packaging

Milne MicroDried® fruit and vegetables are packed in a 48 gauge metallized PET bag inside a double build corrugated box and should be stored in a cool, dry environment preferably below 70°F (21°C) and 50% R.H. Shelf life of two years from date of pack under recommended storage conditions (protected from moisture and excessive heat) in unopened containers. Each container is labeled with lot number and product ID.

Warm Weather Shipping Policy: From May – September, Milne MicroDried must implement a warm weather shipping policy to ensure your order arrives in the best possible condition.

Temperature sensitive items including Aronia, Strawberry, Mango, Red Tart Cherry, Pineapple, Pomegranate and all fragments and powders must ship on a refrigerated truck. LTL Reefer requires additional lead-time; please order early.

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