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Organic Whole Cherries, Fragments & Organic Cherry Powder

An American classic, cherries are low fat, low calorie and have no cholesterol and sodium. The total US sweet cherry crop, including fresh and processed, averages about 370 million lbs. each year. Cherries are ideal for a variety of baked goods, pastries, juices and smoothies. Milne MicroDried┬« whole, fragments, dried tart cherry powder and organic cherry powder products:

  • Offer 1.5x the polyphenols and 2x the in vitro antioxidant capacity found in red grapes
  • Are a good source of Vitamin C
  • Provide a natural source of melatonin, possibly supporting better sleep rhythms

Cherry MicroDried® Products

WHOLE Red Tart Cherry Whole (Intermediate Moisture) FG10022
Specification Nutritional
  Tart Cherry Whole (Intermediate Moisture) FG10063 Organic
Specification Nutritional
FRAGMENTS    Red Tart Cherry Fragments (with Fines) FG70062
Specification Nutritional
  Tart Cherry Fragments (with Fines) FG10064 Organic Specification Nutritional
POWDER Red Tart Cherry Powder Coarse Grind FG70078
Specification Nutritional
  Tart Cherry Powder Coarse Grind FG10081 Organic
Specification Nutritional

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