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Peach – The Natural Sweet Treat

Naturally juicy and sweet, the peach is widely loved for its delicious nectar. Peaches are one of the world's most popular fruits with rich, succulent flavor. Peaches:
  • Have about the same polyphenol content and twice the vitro antioxidant capacity as red grapes
  • Are one of the most studied fruits to understand volatile compounds affecting aroma and flavor
  • Are a good source of Vitamin C
  • Have no cholesterol, sodium or saturated fat

With these beneficial vitamins and minerals, peaches are an excellent ingredient to incorporate into products such as juices, smoothies, breakfast cereals and more.

Peach MicroDried® Products

SLICED Peach Sliced (Crunchy) FG10143  Specification Nutritional 
Peach Sliver FG10129 Specification Nutritional 
DICED Peach Diced FG10117 Specification  Nutritional 
FRAGMENTS Peach Fragments FG10118 Specification  Nutritional 
  Peach Fragments FG70339 Organic Specification Nutritional 
POWDER Peach Powder FG10140  Specification  Nutritional 
  Peach Powder FG70338 Organic Specification  Nutritional 
  Peach Powder with Flow Agent FG10013  Specification Nutritional





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