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Pomegranate – Exotic Super Fruit

Pomegranates are a popular exotic fruit, offering an unusual structure: a seed with a coat of juice surrounding it, called an aril. Pomegranate arils are noted for their red color, chewy texture and complex flavor. Pomegranates:

  • Have over 2x the polyphenols and 1.5x the in vitro antioxidant capacity of red grapes in their juice
  • May have biological effects, such as inhibiting inflammation
  • Provide a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K
  • Have minerals such potassium, copper, manganese and magnesium
  • Are low in saturated fat with no cholesterol

Pomegranate arils are an exotic fruit offering supplement opportunities for food, beverage and wellness products.

Pomegranate MicroDried® Products

ARILS Pomegranate Arils (Intermediate Moisture) FG70015
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