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  • The best dried vegetables.


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One Ingredient and One Ingredient Only.

100% fruits and vegetables. Simple, easy choices to address today’s needs.

We have the ability to adapt to the latest food industry trends and, therefore form strong and reliable partnerships with food developers who wish to satisfy those trends. Develop your next idea with dried fruits and vegetables that are ready to use in a variety of food and beverage applications. So many opportunities are available with all the options that MicroDried can provide to you, and we are ready to help.

The best dried fruits and vegetables. Naturally.

Everything you expect from what you select is exactly what we deliver.

In whatever form you want – conventional, organic, whole, fragment or powder. Nothing is added because nothing else is needed. Preserving the natural integrity of the fruits and vegetables we offer, along with the taste, color, and texture you want. Our commitment to superior food safety allows us to offer you such a wide variety of Ready-to-Eat products. With a two-year shelf life and limited water activity, MicroDried ingredients provide more uniform piece identity throughout the application, providing a visual appeal and desirable flavor.

Our unique MicroDried process.

MicroDried produces revolutionary results.

The innovative drying process gently heats the fruit to reduce the microbial load and uses a vacuum-microwave dehydration technology to finish drying – no added sugars, flavors, colors, or preservatives. It produces revolutionary results – the dried fruit/veggie is bigger, looks better and retains much of its original size, featuring real fruit/veggie color and flavor inside and out. And still healthy and rich in nutrients, retaining high levels of ORAC and polyphenols.